National RTAP FAQ

1. Where can I find a price list for your training materials and other products?

National RTAP is funded by the Federal Transit Administration to assist rural and tribal transit providers and to support the state RTAP programs. There is no charge for any of our training materials, other items in our Resource Library, or use of National RTAP in the Cloud web apps.

2. How do I order products?

Documents can be downloaded from our Resource Library. For discs and printed copies of documents, you can order directly from the Resource Library, by phone (888-589-6821) or e-mail (, or through a chat (click the button above). Please see the How to Search, Download and Order guide for more detail.


3. When can I call or chat with a specialist?

Our staff is available from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

4. I have a question about a transit topic, or I’m trying to find resources to answer a question I have. How can National RTAP help?

National RTAP provides research and technical assistance related to the rural and tribal transit industry. Services include help finding documentation, training materials, documents, reports, and other types of information, as well as connecting you to experts in the field.

5. How do I get tech support for a web app?

The Support Center houses how-to videos and Getting Started Guides for all of the web apps. If the materials in the Support Center don’t answer your questions, tech support is available in several ways: call 888-589-6821 and ask for tech support, e-mail, or chat with the tech support staff by clicking the chat button in the Support Center.

6. May small urban or urban transit operators use National RTAP products and services?

Yes. Our focus is rural and tribal transit providers, so our products and services are developed with their needs in mind. However, transit providers in small urban or urban areas are welcome to use them.

7. What is the difference between National RTAP and my state RTAP program?

The National and state RTAP programs share the objective of providing training materials and technical assistance resources to rural and tribal transit providers. National RTAP products and services are available not only to rural and tribal transit providers, but also to the state RTAP managers for use in their local programs. We support the state programs in other ways, by hosting special events and webinars for state RTAP managers, for example. There is no formal relationship between the national and state programs, however. See here for more information about state RTAP programs and to find the manager in your state.

8. How can I find out about the newest National RTAP products and services?

Sign up for our bi-weekly eNews on our homepage for announcements about the latest National RTAP products and other news of interest to the rural transit industry. We also highlight products and services on our homepage.

9. Can you reset my iCloud password?

No. Even though we take advantage of “cloud computing,” we have no association with Apple or iCloud, which is an Apple-specific product.

10. I can’t attend the webinar you are hosting. Is there any other way to get the information?

Yes. The majority of our webinars are recorded and posted to our website after the event. Because it takes time to create the video file, the recordings are not posted immediately after the scheduled webinar. However, once they are posted they can be found here.

11.Can you come to my transit agency and conduct a training?

National RTAP does not conduct on-site trainings at transit agencies. National RTAP’s primary focus is providing materials that assist transit agencies in conducting their own trainings. National RTAP training materials are also used by consultants to conduct on-site training.

12. Can I make copies of your products?

National RTAP invites you to reproduce as many copies of any RTAP training materials as you may need, including the text and images in the modules as well as any multimedia supplements. You may also download materials directly from our Resource Library.

13. When can I expect my materials to arrive?

If the materials you requested are in stock, you should have them within approximately five business days. If they are not in stock, we will do everything we can to get them to you as soon as possible.

14. I signed up for eNews, but don't receive any newsletters. How do I make sure I am up to date on the latest rural and tribal transit news?

View eNews on our website. All editions of eNews can be found here.
Sign up for eNews using an email address with a different domain. For example, if you signed up with, you will need to sign up with an email address that isn't Sign up for eNews here.
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