How to Search, Download, and Order from National RTAP

How to Find a Resource

  1. Go to www.nationalrtap.org/Resource-Library. You can also get to the Resource Library from the homepage: under Find Information and Resources, and also towards the bottom by clicking “Resource Library” to the right of New Resources.
  2. To find resources in specific topic areas, browse the Featured Topics box on the left. “View All Topic Guides” to see all of the subjects for which there is a topic guide. This is a good way to get general information about a topic.
  3. To browse the resources by subject, scroll to the third box on the left and click “Browse by Subject.” Pick a subject from that list to get a page of results about the topic.
  4. To browse the resources by format, repeat the steps above in the “Browse by Format” link.
  5. To perform a simple search, type a search term into the search bar under Find and Access Resources.
    1. Search Tip: If you know the name of the desired resource but aren’t getting results, search for the smallest part of the name that makes it unique (Example: for Fundamental Financial Management for Rural Transit Agencies, you will get similar results if you search for keywords, such as, “fundamental,” “financial management,” or “financial,” whereas typing out the entire module title will yield zero results if there is a misspelling or other error.
  6. To perform an advanced search, click on the Advanced Search button. On the Advanced Search screen, you will be able to search and browse various fields. To search keywords only, start typing a word into the Keyword field. A list of matching words will appear as you are typing, and you can choose from the list or continue typing. If you type a word that doesn’t exist as a keyword, the list of results will disappear. This is the same process for the Title field as well.
  7. You can also search using “AND” or “OR.” This is called Boolean searching (helpful tutorial from Colorado State University Libraries http://lib.colostate.edu/tutorials/boolean.html) Currently, you can only search using AND or OR. Use AND if you want to find resources with both of two or more words. Use OR if you want to find resources with either of two or more words.
  8. To find all resources on a particular topic in Advanced Search, use the checkboxes at the bottom to browse the subjects. For example, if you are looking for information on Intelligent Transportation Systems, you will click the Technology box, and it will expand to more specific subjects. Click on one of those to expand further, or to choose a subject to search by.
  9. If you cannot find the item you want, call us at 888-589-6821, live chat with us via the website, or email info@nationalrtap.org.


How to Download or Share a Resource

  1. Once you have located the resource you want through the search function, you may have a choice to Download or Add to Cart. To download the resource, click the Download button and the resource in PDF format will download automatically to your computer
    1. Tip: If you are unsure whether you want a resource or not, you can download the resource in order to see whether it is a good fit for you before ordering.
  2. To share a resource, copy and paste the permalink under the abstract. This serves as a permanent link to that one resource.


How to Order a Print Copy of a Resource

  1. To order a print copy of a resource, search for it, and click Add to Cart. If you wish to order other resources, search for them and add them as well. Your cart will not disappear if you search for other resources, or if you leave the page.
    1. Once you are done adding resources to your cart, click View Cart in the top right hand corner of your page. You will come to a screen with all of the resources you have added, and you will need to add the quantity you wish you order. You can also remove resources from your cart.  *see below for order policy.
    2. Click on Place Your Order or New Account if you have never ordered from us before. Fill in all of the information, and then follow the instructions on the page.
    3. If you have placed an order with us before, you can click on Place Your Order or Existing Account.  From Existing Account, you can directly search for your username, first, or last name.   From Place Your Order, you can also search for your account.
  2. If you have placed an order with an error, you can edit your order by logging into your Cloud Account (you will either already have one, or have just created one). On the lefthand toolbar, under ResourceShare, you will click on Edit Order. Click the edit icon and make changes to your order. You can remove or add resources from that page. Save when you are finished.

Note: If the resource was created by another organization, National RTAP has linked that resource to the owner’s website. Click on Website Link to access those resources.


**Order Policy: A maximum of 100 printed copies of any particular item can be ordered at one time. If you require larger quantities of an item, consider downloading some or all of the instructor’s guides, learner’s guides, workbooks and other documents that you need from the Resource Library. There is no limit on the number of discs that may be ordered.