Mobility Management

Mobility management is the idea of using available resources to get passengers from point A to point  B. It usually focuses on coordination between different agencies providing transportation, and may include a technological component (ITS), such as scheduling and dispatching software, or regional website-based demand-response services.

National RTAP Resources

Scheduling and Dispatching Training Module

Transit Manager's Toolkit Chapter on Coordination and Mobility Management


Organizations and Programs

APTA's Mobility Management Technical Assistance Center

FTA's Intelligent Transportation Systems for Transit page

ITNAmerica's Rides in Sight contains a searchable database of national senior transportation options

National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) provides mobility management training and maintains a collection of resources

National Center for Mobility Management (NCCM) many resources on mobility management include a newsletter.

US DOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office's ITS page



FTA's Evolution of Intelligent Transportation Systems for Mobility Management and Coordination, 2012

NCMM and FTA's Competencies for the Practice of Mobility Management, 2016

NCCM and SeniorCorps' Mobility Management: Introduction, Implementation, Community Service and Seniors, 2017

Rural Information Hub Rural Transportation Toolkit Chapter on Mobility Management

SURTC's ITS Transit Case Studies: Making a Case for Coordination of Community Transportation Services using ITS

TRB IDEA's Developing Regional Mobility Management Centers, 2012

TRB TCRP's Standardizing Data for Mobility Management, 2013



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Updated February 7, 2018