National RTAP in the Cloud Web Apps


National RTAP has a suite of Web Apps in the Cloud to help your transit organization.


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Website Builder Version 2

Website Builder Version 2 has all of the features needed to build and manage a great-looking website, including a pre-set template and simple design options. Instructional videos are available to walk you through each step of the process. 


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ResourceShare is a free, web-based application that hosts a collection of resources that can be shared locally or globally. It enables you, the administrator, to manage, track and report both online and hard-copy materials. With this web application installed on your website, your  customers will be able to easily search for resources, download documents, and place orders for hard-copy materials.

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Procurement Pro Icon


ProcurementPRO is a free web-based application that guides rural and Tribal grantees and state DOTs through FTA procurement procedures. Using basic project information entered by the user, the program provides the required Federal clauses and certifications that must be included in procurement documents.  In addition to the Federal clauses and certifications, the program provides helpful check lists and guidance. The printed document is also a great template for your procurement file. 

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GTFS Builder

Trip planning technology, the integration of transit route and schedule data on a map, enables transit riders to determine how they can utilize transit to go between points A and B. How can your agency bring trip planning technology onto your website? The technology may seem complicated, but you might find the information you already collect moves your agency one step closer to having that technology. GTFS Builder helps you complete the final steps. National RTAP has partnered with The Marcy Jaffe Company (MJC) to bring you GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) Builder.

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Event Share Icon


National RTAP EventShare is a free, web-based application that enables you to share and search for events. As the EventShare administrator, you can create an online calendar for your website, where you can post events in an electronic, user-friendly format for your customers and partners. You can also share your events globally with other organizations using National RTAP EventShare, connecting all users to events taking place nationwide. EventShare viewers can search for events and share them with friends and colleagues.

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Contact Builder Icon

Contact Builder

National RTAP in the Cloud's free Contact Builder is a free web-based application that allows you to create, manage, and send messages to contact lists. For those organizations that might be using cumbersome spreadsheets and list serves for their electronic communications, the Contact Builder web app allows administrators to easily and efficiently manage both their contacts and their electronic message campaigns in the same tool.

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