Website Builder FAQs

Q: I already have a website with Website Builder, what do I do?

A: If it is live already, you don’t need to do anything. If you started a website, but it’s not live, we’ll be in touch with you regarding your options.


Q: Can you create drop down menus from the tabs?

A: Yes, you can do this. It is related to the structure of the pages, so you’ll need to add pages underneath the “parent page” in the site menu. Watch the "Page Management" Video.


Q: Can you use a different domain name than the one you get when you sign up for a website?

A: Yes. You will need to obtain your own domain, and you can find out more about this by watching "Go Live - Publish Your Website".


Q: Will all website addresses begin with webbuilder.nationalrtap.org?

A: Yes, but you can change that by watching "Go Live - Publish Your Website".


Q: Can we create a website for an advocacy campaign?

A: As long as the campaign is related to your transit system, or run by a transit agency or like organization, you can feel free to do this. Our websites are available to transit systems, state transit associations, RTAP programs, and anything in between.


Q: Can the Website Builder features be linked into an existing site?

A: You can create Website Builder pages and link them to an existing site. Please contact support@nationalrtap.org for more assistance with this.


Q: Does Website Builder have a method of counting the number of visitors?

A: You can use Google Analytics to monitor website statistics.


Q: Can more than one person be logged into a website at the same time?

A: There is no limit to the number of people logged into a website at the same time. You can add users and make them site admins using User Accounts under the Admin dropdown of the DNN toolbar.


Q: Can you make information stand out with a scrolling ticker or side bar buttons?

A: Yes. You would need to add an HTML module somewhere on the page. You can create a button in Photoshop and add it to the module. If you would like to add a scrolling marquee please contact support at support@nationalrtap.org.


Q: Can we add an online donation button?

A: You will need to do this through PayPal. You can create a PayPal account, create your button using PayPal tools, and add it to a page, or multiple pages. There are instructions in PayPal about how to do this.


Q: Are there headings available for visual separation of news items?

A: There are four different levels of headings that you can use, in the text editor.


Q: Are there agencies already live with Website Builder that we can look at?

A: Yes, we have created a list of agencies that are live with their Website Builder site.


Q: Is there a Search function?

A: Yes, each template comes with a Search Bar built into the Header.


Q: Do these websites work with screen readers?

A: Yes, all templates are 508 compliant. However, the administrator still needs to make sure that all added content is properly configured. You can find more information about website accessibility on the Support Center Accessibility Page.


Q: Is there a way to create a password protected section of your website?

A: You can do this using User Accounts. You will need to add users, give them a specific security role, and then create a page that only shows for that security role. For more information, email support@nationalrtap.org