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Sunday , October , 22 2017
You are here : 2015 Presentations

2015 Technical Assistance Conference Materials

Please click on the name of the session presenter to download their materials.

 Tuesday Pre-Conference Workshops
 National RTAP Website Builder
Frank Condon
National RTAP GTFS Builder 
Marcy Jaffe
Intercity Bus Route Development Workshop 
Stephanie Gronterman
Steven Abernathy
AARP Pedestrian Workshop 
Tribal Transit Assessment Training 



 Wednesday Conference Sessions
Ladders to Opportunity: Rides to Wellness
Speaker: Anthony Foxx (no slides)
Changing Communities Changing Strategies
Craig Leiner
Tim Geibel
Thomas Craig
Safety Plans Tailored to Your System
Lynn Everett
Coordinated Human Services and Transportation
Zenotha Robinson
JD Tovey
State Management 101
Robbie Sarles
Inviting People From 8 to 80 to Use the Transportation System
Gil Penalosa
Maximizing RTAP Training Funds
Linda Howell
Example Scope of Work
Robbie Sarles
Curtis Sims
5311 State Strategies
Marianne Stock
Mobility Management
Ryan Acker
Sheryl Gross-Glaser
Building Relationships Between Human Services and Transit for Access
Courtney Hoskins
Michelle Rogers
Pat Weaver
NTD: Rural and Tribal by the Numbers
John Giorgis
Health Partnerships That Fit Your Community
Frank Thomas
Kari Banta
Kelley Shippey Gilbert
Urban and Rural Planning and Implementation Partnerships
Marcy Jaffe
Thomas Craig
Train the Trainer: Hard to Serve Customers
Carol Wright



 Thursday Conference Sessions
Rural Town Hall
Sheryl Gross-Glaser
Robin Phillips
Pat Weaver
Carol Wright
ABC's of a Transit Asset Management and Information System (TAMIS)
Curtis Sims
Our Network of Services: States, Systems, and Federal Land
Ross MacDonald
Morgan Malley
Training for Operations
Jennie Rowland
Carol Thomas
New Passengers, New Partners, and Funding Opportunities
John Helm
Susan Law
Healthy Communities, Healthy People
Speaker: Alana Knudson
Technology Tools for Compliance and Reporting
Vincent Bruscas
Curtis Sims
Interstate Travel, Just Down the Road
Steven Abernathy
Stephanie Gronterman
Implementing Reasonable Accommodation
Donna Smith
Census Tools for Your System
Pat Weaver
Michelle Nystrom
 Veterans' Transportation Session: Rural Strategies
Kim Angel
Sheryl Gross-Glaser
Katherine Manning
Marketing Your System: New Tools for Rural and Tribal Operators 
Amber Blake
George Levitsky
Jerry Emanuel
Transit Asset Management NPRM Listening Session
Grant Writing for Rural and Tribal Agencies 
Dana Schuler-Dremmond



 Friday Conference Sessions
Issue Priority Roundtables
Train the Trainer: Difficult Employees
Carol Wright
Rural Vanpooling
Charles Carr
Sheryl Gross-Glaser
Ron Hughes
Jon Martz
Procurement Pro by the Book: Using Procurement Pro
Rob Tassinari
Designing Your Future: Transit Service Design
Ken Hosen