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National RTAP Web Apps

National RTAP offers the following free web-based tools to transit agencies and state DOT programs:

GTFS Builder (National RTAP) is a set of spreadsheets and other tools that facilitate the input of bus route and schedule data into Google Maps, allowing customers to access schedules in Google Transit.

ProcurementPRO (National RTAP) allows users to easily find the federal clauses and certifications for their procurement projects. This tool has also been adopted by some states, and in those states, includes the state clauses and certifications as well. Tribes also have the option of creating their own set of rules and regulations.

Website Builder (National RTAP) allows organizations to create their own websites. The free service also includes hosting. 


Technology Tools

AARP has a Livability Index where users can search transportation in every rural area throughout the U.S. Search by city or zip code to find information on transportation options, costs and more.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) Pocket Guide to Transportation mobile app keeps users up to date on transit stats. 

A Google Maps app can be downloaded that notifies passengers when to transfer or get off the bus.

Perkins School for the Blind developed BlindWays, a free app that travelers to within a cane’s distance of the bus stop sign using navigational clues. 

Transit is a free app for passengers to plan their trip, including transit, bikeshare and carshare. 

TransitCenter's interactive datasets let you look at regional trends in bus ridership, average fare, vehicle revenue miles and other metrics.

US DOT developed the ARCGIS Geospatial database, which can filter by rural transit agencies and provide detailed maps and data on agency contact info, vehicles, drivers and more. 

US DOT Intelligent Transportation System Datasets provide data on technology data and tools including connected vehicles, sensors and weather.