Rob Tassinari

Rob Tassinari, Senior Technical Director of National RTAP. As a part-time staff member, Rob is involved with data collection and analysis, tracking and outcome measurements, and assistance with product development and management. He is the Project Manager for the ProcurementPRO and GTFS applications, conducts surveys to determine customer satisfaction with National RTAP products and services, compiles and reports on the annual Rural National Transit Database statistics for National RTAP.

Previously, Rob has worked as the Program Manager of the Massachusetts Statewide Access to Jobs Initiative and was the Director of the Logan Airport Transportation Management Association. He also has many years of experience in management of private shuttle bus services and implementation of transportation demand management programs. Rob holds an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, and a Masters Degree in Community Planning.


Senior Technical Director

National RTAP
5 Wheeling Avenue, Unit B
Woburn, MA 01801
781-404-5024 direct
781-895-1122 fax
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