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– The attendees include drivers, judges, volunteers, guests, etc. This will help when determining the amount of food and beverages, as well as seating, tables, portable toilets, etc. that will be needed. – There are a few options for food such as a bag lunch or barbecue. Make sure there is plenty of water on hand, especially if the weather is predicted to be warm and sunny. It gets very hot on the course during the event. Decide if you are going to provide breakfast and lunch. In some cases, roadeos are held during regional conferences and the food and beverages could be incorporated into the overall conference items. At conferences an awards dinner is typically held as well. – Beyond the 1st place winners you may want to provide something for 2nd and 3rd place, best time, rookie award, youngest driver, perfect score at pre-determined difficult obstacles, etc. – Decide on the type of award(s): plaques that can be added to each year, trophies, printed awards, etc. It’s a good idea to obtain the awards before the roadeo so that you can present the awards during the awards ceremony and then update the information on the award after the event. Paper awards could be printed at the event. – determine what you want to do for the awards ceremony. If it is a standalone event, the awards ceremony could happen after lunch. At a regional conference an awards dinner could be held.