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– It’s not a roadeo without contestants. You have to communicate with the various transit agencies whose drivers may want to participate in the event. This initial communication can be sent via email or regular mail and should include information about the event, timelines, registration information, eligibility information and posters to be displayed at the transit agency to inform drivers, potential judges and volunteers about the event and event deadlines. This should be initiated about two and half months before the event. Of course it does not stop after the initial announcement. You will be sending reminders to make sure you receive a good representation of drivers. To make the process more efficient, a main contact person at the transit agency should be designated to ensure clear communication between the working group and the transit agency. – The ideal situation is to have at least one experienced judge and a less experienced judge at each obstacle with a few back-up people in case judges do not show up on the day of the event. Judges could be DOT staff, staff from the transit association, transit agency staff and other volunteers such as staff from human service and non-profit agencies. – A great way of reducing costs is to have sponsors provide in-kind services or financial assistance. There are a number of items listed in the budget that could be paid for or provided in-kind by a sponsor. For example, your local department of public works may have barrels and traffic cones that could be used on the obstacle course. Another example is the local police, state police or sheriff’s department volunteering to provide a safety/community liaison officer with a speed detection device. – The giveaway items could include baseball caps, shirts or some other item to commemorate the day and plaques for the winners. - This group would also be tasked with securing equipment such as transit vehicles, computer equipment, tent, chairs and tables. A full list of items to have on hand is .