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You can’t do it alone. Depending on the size of your bus roadeo, there are a number of tasks that have to be completed in advance of the roadeo and you will need help. It’s best to have a work group who oversees sub-work groups. For example, a member of the main work group would oversee judging and have a sub-work group who registers judges, assigns locations, train judges, creates judging packets, etc. The main working group should decide on a timeline for the tasks, schedule of meetings (pre-and post-roadeo), and location. The next section on Tasks will help you decide what you need for work and sub-work groups. Members of the working group can be staff from the transit agency or agencies, transit associations, state DOT staff, non-profit social service agencies and/or other interested parties. You also need to select a person to be the Course Marshal or the person in charge of the roadeo-day of the event activities. After the event, the working group should have a wrap-up meeting to review the event and make recommendations for improvements.