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Contact Builder

National RTAP in the Cloud's free Contact Builder is a free web-based application that allows you to create, manage, and send messages to contact lists. For those organizations that might be using cumbersome spreadsheets and list serves for their electronic communications, the Contact Builder web app allows administrators to easily and efficiently manage both their contacts and their electronic message campaigns in the same tool.


Getting Started

As with all National RTAP web apps, you must be logged into the Cloud in order to access Contact Builder.  If you do not have a Cloud Account, create one by clicking the “Cloud Signup” button in the top right corner of this page.  If you already have a Cloud Account, log in using the “Cloud Login” button also in the top right corner.  To learn more, please see the What is the Cloud? page on the main National RTAP website, or return to the Support Center homepage to watch the Cloud Overview.

Once logged into the Cloud, if you do not see Contact Builder as one of the web apps on the left hand side of your dashboard, contact your Cloud Signup Admin (first person in your organization to sign up) to request authorization. Alternatively you can email support@nationalrtap.org.

Before you begin to use Contact Builder to organize your contacts and implement electronic message campaigns, there are some tasks to complete and questions to consider:

  • Identify the individuals you reach out to and ensure you have correct email addresses for each one.
  • Think about how you will group your contacts if you don’t do so already (when doing this it might help to think about the types of electronic messages you will be sending out).
  • If you have a large number of contacts for each group it is easiest to import from a spreadsheet.
  • Gather any branding or design guidelines you might have.
  •  As a first step when you begin to use Contact Builder, you should preview each of the templates that are available and edit them to more closely reflect your organization’s branding colors and images.  Each template can be modified and saved to suit your organization’s design needs.  If you do not have branding guidelines, or do not wish to edit the templates, each email template can be used with the stock images and colors that are provided.    
  •  You will have to decide if you would like to enable the functions on your website that allow visitors to self-subscribe for electronic notifications and view featured messages.  Placing the code on your website for both the sign-up and featured message functions is optional and you do not have to do this in order to use the web app to manage contacts and send messages.  However, enabling these functions will allow you to take full advantage of all the product can provide.
  • You must decide whether to use the Twitter function.  If your organization uses Twitter, Contact Builder allows you to enter your Twitter credentials into the Contact Builder app and to send “tweets” each time you create and send a message.  If you do not use Twitter, this function is optional and you can skip that field when you are creating your message. 
  • Review the Getting Started Guide to get an overview of all of the functions that are available through Contact Builder.  The Getting Started Guide also provides details about creating a Cloud Account and gives step-by-step instructions about how to use each of the functions in the web app.  You can either download this document below or view it online by clicking on the “Getting Started Guide” link in the left toolbar.

        Getting Started Guide

Instructional Videos