ProcurementPRO is a free web-based application that guides rural and tribal grantees and state DOTs through FTA procurement procedures. Using basic project information entered by the user, the program provides the required federal clauses and certifications that must be included in procurement documents. In addition, the program provides helpful check lists and guidance. The printed document is also a great template for your procurement file.

In six easy steps and less than a few minutes, ProcurementPRO does what it may have taken you days or weeks to do.

There are two versions of ProcurementPRO:


This full version of ProcurementPRO provides the federally-required clauses and certifications, as well as checklists and other documentation for your project. It allows you to edit your project; creates a printable document; and is organized by tabs to help you manage your project flow and files. 


This is a shortened version of ProcurementPRO built for those who wish only to download the federally-required clauses and certifications necessary for a given project. 

Getting Started

As with all National RTAP web apps, you must be logged into the Cloud in order to access ProcurementPRO.  If you do not have a Cloud Account, create one by clicking the “Cloud Signup” button in the top right corner of this page.  If you already have a Cloud Account, log in using the “Cloud Login” button also in the top right corner.  To learn more, please see the What is the Cloud? page on the main National RTAP website.

Once logged into the Cloud, if you do not see ProcurementPRO as one of the web apps on the left side of your dashboard, contact your Cloud Admin (the first person in your organization to sign up for the Cloud) to request authorization. If you do not know who your Cloud Admin is, or if that individual no longer works at your organization, email for assistance.

Before you get started with ProcurementPRO there are some tasks to complete and questions to consider:

  • Determine what you want to procure.
  • Perform an independent cost estimate before receiving any bids or proposals. This will improve the reliability of forecasting cost and can range from a simple to complex budget estimate based on product inspection and review. This process is particularly significant when there is no price competition, or when goods or services are dissimilar, and when prices seem unreasonably high. You can use this Independent Cost Estimate Worksheet to assist you.
  • Determine if you want to generate a procurement document (full ProcurementPRO version) or just get the federal clauses and certifications (QuickPRO version).
  • Test out different procurement scenarios using ProcurementPRO to see how the program works. You can delete any test projects.
  • Find out if your state, local, or tribal government has cost thresholds, procurement methods, or clauses and certifications that are different from those of the federal government.  If so, you will want to make sure to follow those requirements. If you are a state, local or tribal government and would like to create a portal with your specific procurement regulations, download the Administrator’s Manual below for instructions.
  • Review the Getting Started Guide, which gives an overview of all functions available through ProcurementPRO, provides details about creating a Cloud Account, and gives step-by-step instructions for how to use the web app. You can download it below or view it online by clicking on the link in the left toolbar.
  • The fillable forms function within ProcurementPRO is not available at this time.   Once ProcuremenPRO/QuickPRO has been moved to the DNN platform this function will be available.  We will post the availability of this function on this page once it is completed.

        Getting Started Guide    Administrator’s Manual

Instructional Videos