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Does your lending library need updating in order to make it more accessible to your users? Are you looking for a better way to share online resources ? If so, ResourceShare can help.

ResourceShare is a free, web-based application that hosts a collection of resources that can be shared locally or globally. It enables you, the administrator, to manage, track and report both online and hard copy materials. With this web app installed on your website, your  customers will be able to easily search for resources, download documents, and place orders or requests for hard copy materials.

Getting Started

As with all National RTAP web apps, you must be logged into the Cloud in order to access ResourceShare.  If you do not have a Cloud Account, create one by clicking the “Cloud Signup” button in the top right corner of this page.  If you already have a Cloud Account, log in using the “Cloud Login” button also in the top right corner.  To learn more, please see the What is the Cloud? page on the main National RTAP website, or return to the Support Center homepage to watch the Cloud Overview video.

Once logged into the Cloud, if you do not see ResourceShare as one of the web apps on the left side of your dashboard, contact your Cloud Signup Admin (the first person in your organization to sign up for the Cloud) to request authorization. If you do not know who your Cloud Signup Admin is, or if that individual no longer works at your organization, email for assistance.

Before you begin the process of inputting your resources into the Resource Library, you will want to complete the following tasks:

  • Decide who in your organization will be responsible for managing your resources, orders, and/or lending library requests.
  • Decide whether you will take orders for hard copies of resources or just make them available for download.  If you will be taking orders, decide how you will handle that (i.e. who will pay for shipping, how long it might take to get shipments out, etc.).
  • Think about how you will categorize your resources (by type and subject) to make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for.
  • Decide if you would like to share your resources locally (just with visitors to your website’s resource library) or globally (with visitors to National RTAP’s Resource Library and the libraries of other organizations using ResourceShare).
  • Create a plan for how you will market your new online resource library and how you will explain to your customers and partners how to use it.
  • Review the Getting Started Guide to get an overview of all of the functions that are available through ResourceShare.  The Getting Started Guide also provides details about creating a Cloud Account and gives step-by-step instructions about how to use each of the functions in the web app.  You can either download this document below or view it online by clicking on the link in the left toolbar.

        Getting Started Guide

Instructional Videos

NOTE: In 2013, National RTAP updated the Resource Library web app and changed the name to ResourceShare. Some of the instructional videos below refer to the web app by the old name and the features may look different – we apologize for any confusion. Your Resource Library is the collection of resources you make available on your website, while ResourceShare is the web app you use to create and manage your Resource Library.