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Federal Circulars

FTA circulars 

FTA often communicates guidance on regulations through circulars, which will assist you in understanding and complying with statutory requirements. The FTA describes circulars in the following way:

FTA circulars provide instructions to grantees or other stakeholders on how FTA grants will be administered.  This guidance provides grantees with direction on program-specific issues and statutory requirements.  Grantees are required to comply with all circulars after signing the agreement accepting federal financial assistance.

To read more about FTA circulars, please click here (quote above taken from this page). full list of FTA circulars can be found on the FTA website. 

Any funds you are still spending that were authorized and appropriated while SAFETEA-LU (through Federal FY12) or MAP-21 (FY13- FY15) were in effect will follow FTA’s regulations under those acts.  Funds apportioned in FY16-FY20 will fall under FAST Act requirements. When in doubt, follow this simple advice from the FTA, “old money, old rules; new money, new rules.”   


FTA circulars that apply, or may be of interest, to subrecipients of Section 5311 funds under FAST Act and MAP-21 include:

For information about MAP-21, click here and for the FAST Act, click here.

Some of the FTA circulars that applied to subrecipients of SAFETEA-LU funding, but no longer apply under MAP-21 and the FAST Act, include:


Office of Management and Budget circulars/guidance


In 2014, OMB published the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, commonly referred to as “the Super Circular,” which applies to any organization receiving federal funding. It consolidated eight circulars into uniform regulations in Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It applies to federal grants and agreements awarded on or after December 26, 2014.

The Super Circular sets forth pre- and post-award requirements for grantees. Grantees should consult the Super Circular before applying for a grant and while administering a grant.