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National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) Announces the Release of an Updated Version of Website Builder, Website Builder Version 2

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP) announces the release of the new version of the Website Builder web app, Website Builder Version 2. Website Builder was first released in 2011, and since then National RTAP has been compiling user feedback to prepare for a second version of the product. With this feedback in mind, Website Builder Version 2 has made the process of creating your website easier by simplifying the design functions and offering a ready-to-use template into which users can cut and paste their content. While this simplified version is available to new users, any organization that previously created and launched a website using Website Builder will continue to have access to all of the functions they have been using. This allows new users to easily create a website in Website Builder Version 2 without taking away functionality from experienced Website Builder users. 

Website Builder Version 2 features include: 

  • Basic template with transit-related pages that are pre-loaded with modules for hosting text and images
  • Four different design options that are easy to apply the basic template and can be edited to reflect an agency's branding colors
  • Detailed Instructional Videos that guide users through each function by walking through each step and providing visual cues 
  • Free website hosting on the National RTAP server

Website Builder Version 2 beta tester Amy Allen, of the Louisiana Public Transportation Association, says: "The Website Builder 2 videos make it easy to customize the RTAP website for any transit agency or association." 

You can access Website Builder Version 2 by logging into your National RTAP in the Cloud account. To create a National RTAP Cloud account, click on the 'Cloud Signup' button in the top right corner of the National RTAP website, www.nationalrtap.org, and follow the sign-up steps. You can also visit the support page to view the Getting Started Guide and other documentation, as well as watch the Overview Webinar.

National RTAP is a program of the Federal Transit Administration administered by the Neponset Valley Transportation Management Association and serves as the national arm for the Rural Transit Assistance Program. The mission of National RTAP is to improve mobility in all rural, small urban and tribal communities across the country through technical assistance. Since its inception in 1987 National RTAP has developed and distributed training materials, provided technical assistance, generated reports, published best practices, conducted research and offered Peer Assistance with the goal of improved mobility for the millions of Americans living in communities with populations under 50,000.

For more information about this product, please contact Jess Wallis at 888-589-6821 or info@nationalrtap.org