Sample Documents and Templates

Scholarship Documents

Examples of scholarship policies and guidelines, pre-approval forms, and reimbursement forms.

Idaho RTAP (CTAI) website including scholarship FAQs and forms

California RTAP (CalACT) scholarship forms.

Minnesota RTAP scholarship forms, including application, guidelines, and reimbursement.

New York RTAP scholarship guidelines.

New Hampshire RTAP scholarship form.


Conference Marketing Materials

Marketing materials for conferences include brochures, agendas, and websites.

Idaho RTAP (CTAI) conference materials




Examples of newsletters sent out digitally or as a hard copy.

Florida RTAP (CUTR) Bulletin.

Indiana RTAP (RLS) Newsletter.

Kansas RTAP (KU) Trans Reporter.

Missouri RTAP (MSU) eNewsletter.


Contracts and Related Documents

Materials used in the process of contracting out a program, training, or other service.

Example RFQ from Ohio DOT.  

North Dakota DOT contract with SURTC (Small Urban and Rural Transportation Center).

Example RFP from New Hampshire RTAP.


Training Documents

Examples of documents and budgetary materials used for training.

Washington State RTAP's contract with WSTIP (Washington State Transit Insurance Pool) for training.

Washington State RTAP's training cost breakdown.

Delaware Transit Corporation's post-training assessment form and refresher training policy.

Training course request form from Delaware.


RTAP Program Documents

Vermont RTAP annual work plan.

RTAP Program Plan, from Idaho RTAP (CTAI).

Full budget spreadsheet from New Hampshire RTAP. 



Miscellaneous templates from Ohio DOT.

Regional roadeo event reimbursement form from Texas RTAP.

Sample MOUs from Preparedness for All.

Blank policy form from Delaware Transit Corporation.