Advanced Topics

The following videos show you some optional steps you can take to provide even more information to riders using trip planning technology. The topic of shapes is more complex than the others, so it has its own section below.

  • Block_id This video shows how to designate that a traveler should stay on board when the route changes.
  • Demand-Responsive Service This video offers an approach for GTFS implementation for demand-responsive service.
  • GTFS Schedule for Website Display This video will show you how to use the advanced features of the HTML module to add a Google Sheet from Google Drive to your website that will display your GTFS schedule data.
  • Adding Fares This video shows how to add fare information to GTFS data.
  • Build GTFS Schedules from Run Cards This video shows you how to use Excel to generate run cards for your bus operators, which detail that operators trips throughout the day, so they may easily utilize their existing tools and Excel with GTFS Builder.


This video covers some of the basics you need to know to create a display of the route on the road (vs. straight lines between stops) also known as shapes. Shapes help confirm the accuracy of your data by testing that the stops are in order and near the shape line. This video explains how to use Google Earth to edit the shape line and more. Also download the Shapes Step by Step Instructions PDF.

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