Access to the National RTAP Resource Library

Go to www.nationalrtap.org/Resource-Library. You can also access the Resource Library from the National RTAP homepage, nationalrtap.org by clicking the Resource Library or Visit our Resource Library buttons.

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Browse Resources

To browse the library resources by subject, click the Browse by Subject button. Select a subject from that list by checking off the box to the left of it to retrieve results about the topic. You can further limit by subcategories for some subjects. If a subject has a triangle next to it, click the triangle to display the subcategories.

find access resorcess

To browse the library resources by format, click the Browse by Format button. A screen will pop up with available formats. Select a format from that list by checking the box to the left of it to retrieve results published in that format.


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Topic Guides

We have created various topic guides with links to selected key resources. Click on any of the topic guides to access resources produced by National RTAP and other significant organizations on the topics to the left. See the ADA Topic Guide below.

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Featured Resource

Each month, National RTAP will feature one of the newest resources that we have created. The Featured Resource box will include a link to the resource.


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We have also included buttons under the Featured Resource box to three of our stand-alone resources: Rural iNTD Data, National RTAP eLearning Portal, and Directory of Trainers. Click on the buttons to access the resources.


Simple Search

To perform a simple search, type a search term or short phrase into the Keyword Search box under Find and Access Resources. The Keyword Search box searches words in the resource title and abstract, as well as librarian-defined keywords assigned to each resource. Simple search will automatically search simple plurals of terms (for example, if you enter service, the results will also display documents containing the word services).


find access resorcessSearch Tip: If you know the title of a resource, enter the smallest part of the name that makes it unique (example: for Used Oil Recycling: Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your Motor Oil, enter oil or motor).


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Advanced Search

To perform an advanced search, click on the Advanced Search button. On the Advanced Search screen, you are able to search, browse and filter by field. See instructions for Simple Search to search by keyword. You can also search for words only in the abstract using the Abstract Search button. Abstracts have been created by the resource authors and/or National RTAP. Searching by abstract may be beneficial if you are trying to search for resources created for a specific conference, project, etc.


To filter in Advanced Search, use the boxes under the search bars to filter by format, author or date. For example, if you are looking for presentations on grants, you search for the keyword Grant and filter by the format Presentation (see search and result below).

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Additional Advanced Search Buttons and Filters


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The Back Button takes you back to the last page you were on.


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The Clear Button clears your search and lets you input a new search.


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The Library Home button takes you back to the Library entry page.


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Check eLearning to filter by National RTAP-created eLearning modules (online training) only.

Check Hard Copy to filter by print format resources that can be ordered and shipped.


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You can sort results by Date Published or Title. This is helpful for large groups of results. The default search sorts by relevance.



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If your search results in a large set of resources, you may still want to add additional filters. You can check topics or formats. If the filter results in no hits, use the back button to return to your original search.

If there is a triangle to the left of the topic, you may click it to expand it to searchable subtopics. 

Only the first five topics and formats are listed. Click Show More to display additional filters.


You can still search by title or keyword while within the Advanced Search area.

find access resorcess
find access resorcess

Click on this link for a list of every resource in the Resource Library.


Click on this link to view resources find access resorcess that are about a similar topic.



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If there are items you would like to save and return to, click the Green Star button in the group of four buttons to the right of it. That will save it to your Favorites. Whenever you are logged into the Resource Library, you can access your favorites by clicking on the View Favorites Button.




Note: you will need to create a free Resource Share account to use this feature. Please continue reading to learn more about creating a Resource Share Account in the Ordering Resources section.


Downloading Resources

The group of four icons shown above also has a button with an arrow at the top left. If it is green, the resource is available for download. If the button is gray, the resource is not available for download. To download the resource, 1. Click the Green Download Icon, 2. Click the Download Button(shown below), and 3. Verify your download request by typing the characters you see in the reCaptchaBox, and the resource in PDF format will download automatically to your computer


find access resorcess
find access resorcess


Tip: If you are unsure whether you want to order a resource in hard copy or not, you can download the resource in order to see whether it is a good fit for you before ordering.


Resources with Links

The group of four icons at the top of this page has an icon that looks like a link on the bottom left. To share or bookmark a resource,  click on the Green Link Icon to receive a URL for the resource. If there is no link provided, the icon will be gray instead of green. For links provided, a pop-up box for will appear. Press Ctrl + C, and then enter to copy this to your clipboard. You can then paste the link in an email, bookmark folder, or document.


Each item in the catalog also contains a permalink, a link unique to that item in Resource Share. The permalink displays under the item description.



Ordering Resources

To order one or more hard copies of a resource (including books, CD-ROMs and DVDs), click the green cart icon to add it to your cart.  If the icon is gray, it is not available for shipment. You can add as many items to your cart as you would like. Your cart will not disappear if you search for other resources, or if you leave the page. The first time you click on the cart icon, you will be prompted to log in.

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find access resorcess



Note: This account is currently only for ordering resources from the National RTAP Resource Library. There is a separate National  RTAP Cloud for our web apps: ProcurementPRO, GTFS Builder, and Website Builder. There is also a separate system and account for National RTAP eLearning, allowing you to take any of National RTAP’s online courses. We suggest using the same username and password for all of these accounts.


We apologize for the inconvenience of having to have multiple accounts with National RTAP. If you are already registered and need to reset your password, click on Forgot Password. If you have any issues logging in, please contact support@nationalrtap.org.


A maximum of 100 printed copies of any National RTAP-produced item can be ordered at one time. If you require larger quantities of an item, you may download some or all of our instructor’s guides, learner’s guides, workbooks, technical briefs and other documents that you need from the Resource Library and photocopy them yourself. Note: If resources were not published by National RTAP, you must comply with any applicable reproduction policies and copyright laws.


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If you have completed adding resources to your cart, click View Cart in the top left-hand corner of your page. You will come to a screen with resources you have added. You can adjust the quantity you wish you order, or remove resources completely from your cart if you decide you no longer need them. You can also click the Back to Search or the Previous Step button if you want to continue ordering resources. You will still be logged into your account and will not lose items you already placed in your cart.

find access resorcess

find access resorcess
When you are completely done ordering, click the Confirm Order button to check out. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your order.
You can view your orders through thefind access resorcess button on the Resource Library Home Page. If you have never ordered resources before, you can also create a free Resource Share Account from this button. You can view your orders through the button on the Resource Library Home Page. If you have never ordered resources before, you can also create a free Resource Share Account from this button.
Editing Orders
If you have placed an order with an error and have already logged off, you can email us at info@nationalrtap.org with your changes. When you receive your order receipt, it will show what materials you’ve ordered, and you can let us know if you would like to cancel the order or change quantities ordered. Our staff will update your order, and you will receive email confirmation of the edited order. If you would like to order something new, please start a new order.
If You Need Assistance
We have included a link to our Resource Library Catalog (an annotated list of all resources produced by National RTAP) and Resource Library Mission and Policy Statement on the Resource Library entry page. If you cannot find what that you need, please call us at 888-589-6821, live chat with us via the website, or email info@nationalrtap.org. We look forward to assisting you!