Peer Assistance

Peer assistance is an excellent way to gain intimate knowledge of an aspect of the transit industry. Generally, to take advantage of peer assistance, a rural or tribal transit employee, or state DOT officer contacts an organization with a peer network, explains his/her needs, and is connected to an industry professional who can provide some level of mentorship and guidance. A peer assistance exchange may entail a simple interaction, such as through an email or phone conversation, or it may involve a more comprehensive conversation about anything from starting up a transit company to deciphering what information to include in an effective grant proposal. Transit agencies who utilize peer assistance can save time and money by garnering skilled knowledge from one expert at a time.

National RTAP offers peer networks for rural and tribal transit providers and state program managers. Services include all aspects of operating a rural and tribal transit agency, or a state RTAP program. Visit the peer page and contact National RTAP to make a request for, or to be, a peer (please note that the link takes you to the peer page for State RTAP Managers--make a peer request on any topic from this page).

Additional Peer Programs include:

AASHTO's Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) is a network of state personnel,the primary purpose of which is to help states implement Federal Transit Administration Programs, provide feedback to FTA on implementation issues and best practices and to create a professional network to share best practices, receive technical assistance, and obtain new ideas from other states. States must become paying members to belong to MTAP.

AASHTO Peer Exchanges are a regulatory requirement for State DOT departments of research, development and technology. 

FTA TAM Peer Library -  a resource to exchange information about transit asset management

National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Peer Networks meet to exchange ideas and experiences both online and in-person

The US DOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office ITS Peer Program provides short-term technical assistance to agencies facing ITS planning, procurement, deployment, and operational challenges. 

US DOT Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) Peer Exchange - One-on-one site visits and small-group discussion of specific, shared transportation planning issues that respond to agencies' direct needs.

Updated December 29, 2020