"The Website Builder helped Pelivan Transit to create an incredible website with eye pleasing features including a scrolling marquee for up to the minute messages for riders. We are so proud of the end product thanks to the talented National RTAP tech support."

Debra McGlasson, Pelivan Transit









"It was very easy to incorporate all our agency’s information into our website with Website Builder. The National RTAP technical support team was incredible and we were amazed at the speed which they answered all our questions."

Lillian Maxey, Texas County Transportation


Since 2011, Website Builder has allowed users to create and design websites that are hosted on the National RTAP server free of charge. Recently, National RTAP released Website Builder 3.0 using customer feedback and the latest technology to make creating, editing and launching your website as easy as possible.

Check out some cool rural transit websites built with National RTAP’s Website Builder. Just click on any of the agencies listed below.

Here are examples of a State RTAP website and transit association website, both built with Website Builder.

Ready to begin? Click on the Create My Website button.  If you have not already created or signed into your National RTAP account, you will be prompted to do so. Once you have accessed your National RTAP account, several website templates will appear. Select your preferred template by clicking on “Start Building”. You will then be prompted to create an account for your agency’s or program’s website. This is a different from your National RTAP account.

If you have already created a Website, please click on the Log Into My Website button.

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Product Features

Modern Transit Templates. Choose from a library of attractive, sleek, natively responsive website templates, designed specifically for transit providers. Website Builder 3.0 makes it easy for beginner web designers to create and edit their sites by providing a variety of basic templates to start the process. Or for more advanced web designers, start with a blank template. The templates appear only after clicking on the Create My Website button and signing in.


Drag-and-Drop Editor. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to build a pixel-perfect website with no need to code. 

Edit by Device.  Customize every element per device, for full control over how your site looks and functions on desktops, tablets and phones.

Mobile Editing.  Edit and republish any site directly from your mobile device. What could be handier than updating photo galleries and image sliders with photos you’ve just snapped on your phone? You can also add, sort and edit images from the Website Builder library.

55+ Languages.  Choose from dozens of international languages. Quickly create multi-language responsive websites based on easy-to-edit automatic translations by Google Translate.

Optimized for Search.  To make sure your site is right at the top of Google search results, Website Builder gives you full control of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but applies many settings automatically and seamlessly in the background.



Have you already started using Website Builder and need technical assistance? Visit the National RTAP in the Cloud Support Center. 

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