Records Management

State RTAP Managers, as associated with the federal government, should be familiar with federal records management requirements, along with potentially different state requirements. For more information, talk to others in the DOT, and see the following circulars.

Federal Information Resources/Data Collection Documents 

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Basic Laws and Authorities

NARA Regulations

NARA Bulletins

Toolkit for Managing Electronic Resources (NARA)

NARA Electronic Records Management Guidance on the Web

States also have records management schedules that may be different than federal practices, so learning about both state and federal regulations is essential. State Records Management offices tend to be overseen by the Secretary of State. If you cannot find the correct person in your state to contact, try the state archives or the Secretary of State’s office, but colleagues at the DOT who have been there for a while should know the records management requirements.