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Welcome to the National RTAP Transit Manager’s Toolkit! This online toolkit was developed to give new transit managers the information they will need on day one to ensure their rural transit organizations are operating smoothly and are in compliance with the federal regulations associated with receiving Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5311 funding. 

While this toolkit will cover a number of topics regarding compliance, it is important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and transit managers should not rely on this toolkit alone to ensure they are meeting all federal requirements.  Currently, the toolkit focuses on the federal regulations in place as of February 2019, with the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act of 2015 being the most recent authorization of the transportation programs of the U.S. Department of Transportation.  

The toolkit contains the following section categories:  Administration, Operations and Planning, and Compliance.  To view the topics included in each section, see the table of contents below or click on any of the sections in the left toolbar to expand your navigation options.  The content of full toolkit can be downloaded as a PDF if you would like to save or print the material.  Federal circulars are referenced throughout the toolkit, and to learn more about what a circular is, access a list of circulars that are relevant to transit managers in the Federal Regulations and Circulars section.

We will be adding to this toolkit additional guidance is issued and new topics arise.  If you find that this toolkit does not cover a topic that you are looking for, feel free to use the Suggest a Topic form to submit your topic idea.   


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National RTAP staff would like to thank the following current and former National RTAP Review Board members and additional SMEs whose expertise and experience shaped the development and update of this toolkit:

Glen Bahm, Standing Rock Public Transit, Fort Yates, ND; Kari Banta, Texas Department of Transportation; Sarah Brodt Lenz, Minnesota Department of Transportation; Michia Casebier, M.G. Tech-Writing; Julia Castillo, Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Authority (HIRTA), Urbandale, IA; Laura Corff, United Community Action Program, Ponca City, OK; Tina Cote, Franklin Regional Transit Authority, Greenfield, MA; Daniel Dalton, KFH Group; Marcele Edington, Michigan Department of Transportation; John Edmondson, Illinois Department of Transportation; Louis Friend, Chickaloon Native Village/Transit Division, Chickaloon, AK; Tim Geibel, Crawford Area Transportation Authority, Meadville, PA; Donovan Gomez, Hopi Senom Transit; Beth Hamby, KFH Group; Joe Hardin, Ztrans, Alamogordo, NM; Chris Kleehammer, Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency, Dunlap, TN; Laura King, Crawford Area Transportation Authority, Meadville, PA; Sue Knapp, KFH Group; Debbie McGlasson, Pelivan Transit, Big Cabin, OK; Shauna Miller, Idaho Transportation Department; Katharine Mitchell, Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County, Tucson, AZ; Michael Noel, Noel Training & Consulting; Patti Noel, Noel Training & Consulting; Michele Nystrom, Georgia Department of Transportation; Amy Rast, Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Montpelier, VT; Juanita Risch, Idaho Transportation Department; Zenotha Robinson, Mississippi Department of Transportation; Elisabeth Rood, KFH Group; Kari Ruse, Nebraska Department of Transportation; Neil Sherman, Virginia Department of Transportation; Curtis Sims, Jr., South Carolina Department of Transportation; Connie Sipe, Center for Community, Sitka Alaska; Frank Thomas, Oregon Department of Transportation; Tracy Young, Arizona Department of Transportation

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Updated December 03, 2020

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