National RTAP Conference

National RTAP hosts a biennial Technical Assistance Conference focusing on the implementation and improvement of rural and tribal transit programs, including intercity services. The purpose is to provide training and share new strategies, current regulatory information, and best practices. Attendance ranges from 300-400 and includes rural public and human service transit providers, tribal transit managers, planners, state agency staff, intercity bus operators, consultants, researchers, and trainers.

The conference is generally held in the fall and has rotated among regions of the country, with the previous four locations as follows. Click on the links below to access the websites or agendas for previous conferences, as available:

2021 Events

National RTAP began planning a 2021 conference, but due to COVID-19, we are still in the process of determining where and when to hold our next conference. The National RTAP conference is usually held in the off-years of TRB's Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference (RIBTC). RIBTC 2020 was postponed and will be held virtually on October 25-27, 2021.

If you have any questions about previous or upcoming National RTAP Conferences, contact us at conference@nationalrtap.org, 888-589-6821, or chat with us above.


Tribal Transit Training Events

Scholarships are available for all National RTAP Tribal Transit Training events. If you have questions about tribal events, please email nrodriguez@nationalrtap.org


National RTAP Conference Plenary Session  National RTAP Conference Expo  National RTAP Conference Breakout Session

Above are photos from the most recent National RTAP Technical Assistance Conference: Charting New Trails to Rural and Tribal Transit in Portland, Oregon in September 2019, taken by National RTAP staff.